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  • Slideshow - Products - Div (OEM+Ventilation)

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Ofrecemos una amplia gama de ventiladores estándar para una variedad de aplicaciones y ventiladores para aplicaciones OEM. Todos los ventiladores  de Rosenberg están equipados con motor de rotor externo que se fabrica en la empresa. Los productos Rosenberg les ofrece ventiladores con ventajas decisivas en comparación con los ventiladores convencionales: 

  • Duracion de vida larga 
  • Diseño Compacto
  • Motor y Aspas juntas en una sola pieza 
  • La velocidad es 100% controlable  (auto transformers ; controller)
  • Baja corriente de arranque
  • Ventiladores Rosenberg están equipadas con protección del motor a través de contactos térmicos como una característica estándar
  • Los impulsores están equilibrados en 2 niveles,.De acuerdo con la norma DIN ISO 1940 (G2.5 grado de calidad)

AC motors

The drive using an external rotor motor offers space-saving, compact and attractive design. The engine sits inside the impeller and is thus optimally cooled. For this reason, a 100%variable speed control can be guaranteed. V-belts, additional tension bars and motor mounting devices are not necessary. Only well-dimensioned ball-bearings, fitted on both sides and long-life lubricants are used. Both ball-bearing seats are ground to high precision in one work process to eliminate any vibration.

External rotor motors are also characterised by an extremely low start-up current. The drive motors correspond primarily to protection class IP54 according to DIN EN 60034-5. The winding insulation corresponds to the thermal class F. In addition, the winding has a standard moisture protection impregnation.

EC motors

The EC motors used are characterised by very high efficiency even at partial loads, and excellent control behaviour. They are easy to connect, individually preconfigured, compact in design and have a high power density. The implementation of additional functions (e.g. volumetric flow and pressure control) is possible. Rosenberg EC motors primarily meet protection class IP54; input voltage of 380V-480V (50/60Hz). Rosenberg EC motors are continuous speed controllable and have integrated motor protection.

You can choose from the following types of fans:

Fan selection software

An accurate operating point selection from more than 1,700 fan models is quickly and easily possible with our RoVent fan selection software. Furthermore, comprehensive documentation of the selected fan type is also available. Regular updates ensure that the software is always state-of-the-art. You can download RoVent here. Alternatively, you can also use our online version, RoVent Online.