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Switches and Controllers

Motor protection relays MSE / MSD

Rosenberg motor protection devices are equipped with on/off switches, main protection switches and operation indicator lights. They are designed for 1.3 kW motor power consumption in the E (single-phase) model and for 2.5 kW or in the D (three-phase) model as standard.

5-step controller RE / RTE / RTD

5-step controller with main protection and operation indicator lights for transformational speed of voltage controlled motors/fans. Five different speeds can be set on a connected motor/fan using the built-in device step switch. The switching circuit 1 is the lowest and the switching circuit 5 is the highest speed. The control circuit of the controller is protected by a 2 A fuse. The RTE/RTD controllers are also available with connection for a flow monitor and a gas solenoid valve (RTE..G/RTD..G). The flow monitor must be installed in the air stream of the fan. If a sufficient amount of air is fed through the fan, the gas solenoid valve is activated via the flow monitor. The application range of these devices is favoured in the kitchen exhaust when gas appliances are installed.

Transformers for switch cabinet installation TE / TD

Auto-transformers (according to VDE 0550) for single-phase AC or three-phase current with 5 taps, mounting pads and connection terminals. The maximum permissible ambient temperature is +40°C.

Electronic speed controller ED

This control panel is designed for continuous speed adjustment of fans with voltage-controlled single-phase induction motors. The rotational speed is controlled by lowering the voltage using power thyristors (phase cutting control) over the entire range of 0 - 230V. Several fans can be connected to the device if the sum of the individual currents does not exceed the rated device current. The operation is done on the device's rotary switch. On the inside of the device, there is an adjustment screw which allows for the setting of the minimum speed of the fan.

On/off switch GS

On/off switches according to utilisation category AC-23 (switching of motor loads or other highly inductive loads) according to DIN VDE 0660 Part 100. The regulations in DIN VDE 0113 Part 1 and EN 60204 Part 1 apply to the safety or electrical equipment of machines. Protection class IP55.

The on/off switches are also available as an EX version for explosion protection according to CENELEC and IEC.

Potentiometer in the casing

The 10kOhm potentiometer is mounted in the casing. An ascending scale, for stepless manual setpoint input. Rocker switch for switching the release of an EC fan as well as green and red LEDs for optional status indicator (operation/fault). Available for surface mounting or flush-mounted models.